My Fitness Bugbears

Like most people, there are certain aspects of the fitness culture here in Singapore that don't sit well with me.

However, unlike most people, whose grouses are usually more personal in nature (eg. issues with gym crowdedness, strong-arm sales tactics of fitness establishments, anti-social behaviour of users in fitness facilities etc); as a fitness consultant and practicing health coach/personal trainer, my bugbears and pet peeves are usually with the training approaches seen here in the Singapore fitness industry.

In a nutshell, these are what concern and rile me:

1) Obsession With Fitness Technology

2) Obsession With Body-Part Training

3) Obsession With Specific Fitness Tools

4) Obsession With The Latest Fitness Fads

If you're anything like me, and share the same views as I have (and even if you don't, but have something constructive to say), please feel free to contribute to this fitness blog :) !

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