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Why Gymless Fitness?

Hi, this is Rick Wong here - blogging to you " live" on fitness - the GYMLESS way - all the way from Singapore..... Why GYMLESS, you may ask??? What's WRONG with working out in the gym??? Well, first and foremost, because you already have the very BEST gym available to you  - your OWN BODY - at your service and command 24 hours-a-day, whenever and wherever you need it! Why not use it as it is ???? Why waste it by going to the gym and work-out using ' artificial machines' - which are far less efficient, less productive and less functional anyway? Too many of us have been simply BRAINWASHED by the media and fitness industry at large - particularly by gym owners and fitness equipment manufacturers - into thinking that we all need access to sophisticated, eye-catching, high-tech, 'machines' to get into shape. Well, nothing is further away from the TRUTH ......... Let me share with you something - as a Fitness Pro who has the privilege of working