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Best Fitness Tools For Gym-Free Fitness Workouts

For those who have been actively following my blogs, you would have known by now that I am a strong advocate of gym-free fitness training and mobile fitness workouts here in Singapore. In so much that for all the fitness programs that I conduct here locally in Singapore, I always strive to adhere to 3 main guiding principles. These are: the scientific use and application of Body Weight Training principles (the concept of your body being your GYM),  the creative use of everyday environmental objects around us in fitness training - an approach I term - Environmental Fitness Training, and the proper utilization of Portable, Functional Fitness Tools for  variety ,  zest and added dimension  to any workouts. For the purpose of this blog, I'll be touching on the last principle - the proper and creative use of functional mobile fitness tools in any training program. Portable Fitness Equipment For Gym-Free Training As a matter-of-fact, portable fitness equipment form a la