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Fitness Training When Vacationing Or Traveling

The recent Singapore school holiday period served up a great opportunity for me to practise what I always preach - in terms of fitness programming and working-out while traveling.

Being a great believer in improvised fitness programming - training WHEREVER you are - (especially with regards to vacation travels or while on the roads), I certainly relished the opportunity to put into practice what I always share with my clients in my Travel Fitness Program ....

As it is, during the recent June holidays, as part of our "Bi-Annual Family Get-Away" ritual, my wife and I decided to bring the kids over to neighbouring Malaysia - Genting Highlands - for a cool retreat, away from the sweltering heat that had engulfed Singapore for the past few weeks.

Though the trip was for less than a week, still I knew I had to get my travel workout routine planned out so as to make the best use of the time available.

Faithfully referring to my trustworthy pile of  travel fitness notes, I designed …