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Use Of Stairs In A Gym-Free Fitness Program

To most people, a flight of stairs is just THAT - an environmental object that can be used to take you from a lower point to a higher point, or vice versa. But to a fitness professional and a gym-less training advocate like myself, I like to see beyond the humble usefulness of stairs in our daily lives to something more extraordinary , to something that can be surprisingly and tremendously useful to the average man/woman who wants to lose weight , fight flab , increase speed or agility , or to simply improve overall fitness ! Stair-Training: A Great Form Of Fitness Workout Frankly, in my personal opinion, I think that stairs training has been greatly over-looked by the Singapore fitness community at large - even by us, the so-called gym-free brigade . Perhaps it 's due to the fact that stairs are such common place environmental objects that few if any, really pay much attention to them, much less even think of using them as a fitness training tool. Or perhaps, it'