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What Does Core Training Mean To You?

To me, the Human Core has always been one of the most fascinating and intriguing areas of study in exercise science. And despite having been involved in the fitness industry here in Singapore for well over a decade, I still find the subject of Core Training or Core Fitness wildly exciting and pretty amazing.  The Kettlebell Swing - A Great All-Round Core Exercise As a fitness professional , I have been privileged to been exposed to the many different concepts, interpretations and understandings of what constitutes the Human Core and the varied types of training modalities associated with that area. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge is  NOT readily available to most of the general population - at least not here in Singapore - based on the numerous misconceptions , fallacies  and erroneous training methods that I encounter frequently among members of the general public and the gym-going majority. It just seems that every other person that I come across is either mi

Best Fitness Tools For Gym-Free Fitness Workouts

For those who have been actively following my blogs, you would have known by now that I am a strong advocate of gym-free fitness training and mobile fitness workouts here in Singapore. In so much that for all the fitness programs that I conduct here locally in Singapore, I always strive to adhere to 3 main guiding principles. These are: the scientific use and application of Body Weight Training principles (the concept of your body being your GYM),  the creative use of everyday environmental objects around us in fitness training - an approach I term - Environmental Fitness Training, and the proper utilization of Portable, Functional Fitness Tools for  variety ,  zest and added dimension  to any workouts. For the purpose of this blog, I'll be touching on the last principle - the proper and creative use of functional mobile fitness tools in any training program. Portable Fitness Equipment For Gym-Free Training As a matter-of-fact, portable fitness equipment form a la

NOT Your Typical Singapore Fitness Trainer

Whenever I tell people that I'm a professional fitness trainer here in Singapore, what usually come to their minds and their  basic assumptions would be: 1) I must be one of those - huge, bulky and heavily-muscled trainers - out there, 2) I must be working in a typical commercial gym setting, 3) I must be training my clients using conventional gym machines and other latest 'hi-tech' gadgets, 4) I must be utilizing a "body-part" system or "body-building" philosophy in coaching my clients, and 5) I must be selling health supplements on the side to supplement my income (pardon me for the pun) ..... etc etc Well, in truth and in reality, NONE of the above really describes me ........ You see, to be quite honest, I'm actually quite the antithesis of most of the fitness trainers or coaches you would find here in Singapore. Although I have to state emphatically that I did not intentionally set myself out to be unconventional or different,