Monday, September 17, 2012

Fitness Training Dilemma: Aesthetics, Function Or Both?

Having had the privilege and honour to work with a large diversity of fitness clients throughout my 10-over years as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in Singapore, I dare say I have encountered almost every conceivable fitness request out there (barring perhaps the most bizarre ones!!!).

If I were to freely generalize, my clients may be grouped generally into 3 main categories:
1) Those who come to me for purely aesthetic reasons,
2) Those come to me for functional (practical) reasons, and
3) Those who come to me for a little of both.

For those who seek out our fitness services for purely aesthetic reasons, are the individuals who are usually dissatisfied with how they look - their outward appearance and bodily-aesthetics - and are looking to transform themselves into a BETTER version of who they are now - usually into the ideal figure or physique that they have in mind. Many of these clients choose either an integrated weight-loss approach, a toning/shaping approach or even a specialized muscle-building program.

Your Choice: Training For Aesthetics Or Function
On the other hand, those who seek us out for functional or practical reasons are usually those acting on their doctors' advice based on certain heath/medical conditions, or those who need specialized training for sport performance purposes, and those who need to sit for vocation-related fitness tests and physical assessments (such as IPPT, NAPFA, BMT etc etc )

Of course, they are also some who fall somewhere in-between the above 2 categories and who come to us for a little of both.

Whatever it is, every single request or fitness need is deemed IMPORTANT and VALID, and is thus treated with utmost seriousness, respect and confidentiality.

At this juncture - I risk going out on a limb here - but in my personal and professional opinion, I dare say that BOTH aesthetics (outward appearance) and function (day-to-day fitness performance ) are equally IMPORTANT. In fact, I would like to think that one cannot do without the other, and vice versa.

Just pause for a moment and think about it: what's the point of looking good (aesthetics) but seriously lacking in simple everyday fitness skills (function)? Likewise, what's the use of having brute strength or superhuman endurance (function) but having a physique that you yourself can't even be proud of (aesthetics)?

Fortunately, with an integrated "out-of-the-gym"approach, or what I call a holistic multi-disciplinary approach, we are usually able to spare our clients the dilemma of choosing one over the other - as our unique approach is more than able to merge both aesthetics and function into a Holistic Balanced Program that allows our clients to enjoy the BEST of both worlds!

You Can Look Good & Be Strong At The Same Time!
So, when I  train my clients nowadays, even when we may seem to be focusing on the aesthetic elements, I always make sure that we are also essentially working on the functional element at the same time. And similarly, when building up my clients' functional performance, we also work simultaneously on the area of overall aesthetics too!

In fact, many people are often surprised by how scientific, methodical and systematic an Integrated Fitness Approach can be - compared to many other commercial fitness programs out there.

Starting from the initial planning/designing stage, right up to the actual implementation stage of the fitness program, we not only customize everything right down to the smallest detail for each client, but also make sure that on top of achieving their tangible fitness goals, our clients will also walk away with a host of other intangible benefits from our program.

And this is what I believe to be the REAL difference that we make to the lives of our clients - day-in, day-out.......

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