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Fitness Training Dilemma: Aesthetics, Function Or Both?

Having had the privilege and honour to work with a large diversity of fitness clients throughout my 10-over years as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in Singapore, I dare say I have encountered almost every conceivable fitness request out there (barring perhaps the most bizarre ones!!!). If I were to freely generalize, my clients may be grouped generally into 3 main categories: 1) Those who come to me for purely aesthetic reasons, 2) Those come to me for functional (practical) reasons, and 3) Those who come to me for a little of both. For those who seek out our fitness services for purely aesthetic reasons, are the individuals who are usually dissatisfied with how they look - their outward appearance and bodily-aesthetics - and are looking to transform themselves into a BETTER version of who they are now - usually into the  ideal figure or physique that they have in mind. Many of these clients choose either an integrated weight-loss approach , a toning/shaping approach or