Friday, March 30, 2012

The Case For Home Fitness Training

In recent years here in Singapore, I have noticed more and more people ditching their gym memberships in favour of working-out in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

As far as I know, a lot of it is due to "push" factors caused by the commercial gym facilities themselves, issues such as: over-crowdingover-commercialization, out-of-the-way locations, "one-size-fits-all" fitness programs, high-pressure sales tactics, exorbitant & complicated membership plans etc - just to name a few......

On the other hand, quite a bit of it is also down to people's gradual realization (and perhaps, common sense finally prevailing) that they can actually get a workout as good as, if not better than at any commercial gym - right within their homes - if they have the appropriate knowledge and guidance!

Home Fitness Right In The Living Room

Home Fitness Programs - where one basically works out within one's own private and personal residence with or without the guidance of a professional fitness trainer - though having been around in Singapore for some time, seems finally to be coming out of its shell to the forefront of the fitness scene here!

And as one who has always strongly advocated that fitness training CAN and SHOULD be conducted ANYWHERE , I'm more than pleased with this latest development in Singapore.

So what actually makes home fitness training tick?

Besides the obvious: sheer convenience (no commuting/parking/crowding/waiting),  sheer privacy (no perverts ogling at you when you're training), sheer hygiene (no sweat-drenched and germ-infested equipment used by countless others) and sheer familiarity (no wandering around a labyrinth of fancy-looking but ultimately useless pieces of "machines"), home fitness can actually propel you FASTER to your fitness goals than at any commercial gym facility.

One of my pet peeves about training at commercial gyms is that it inevitably drags you into a training culture that not only relies heavily on machines and equipment, but also one that glorifies isolated "Body-Part Training".

BOTH of which - in my humble opinion - as well as those of many other established fitness authorities and experts - are simply NOT the best way to train for the vast majority of us.

( For a more thorough understanding of why this is so, please refer to one of my earlier blog entries: "The Problem With Singapore's Gyms And Fitness Centres"

On the other hand, when training at home, not only are you shielded from the negative influences of the commercial gym culture, its stereotypes and its various gimmicks, best of all, you are granted full creative license to rely on REAL science and knowledge to make your workouts count.

And THIS is what truly separates a great fitness program from the pretenders.........

As I always say to my trainees and clients:

" The success of any fitness program is NEVER dependent on equipment or tools, but on the proper and creative application of exercise science knowledge and skills!"

Oftentimes, by applying appropriate knowledge and skills to your training environment ( in this case - your home), you can actually end up with a FAR SUPERIOR workout compared to one carried out at any commercial gym!

A Functional Workout In The Comfort Of Home

Take for instance, our premier home fitness program - which utilize your own body-weight, your surrounding home environment  and a slew of portable fitness tools ( stuff like suspension trainers, resistance tubings, medicine balls, kettlebells etc ) to hone your physique, not only do you get to:
  1. work your ENTIRE body at one shot ( as opposed to single, isolated body-part training),  
  2. achieve MULTIPLE goals at the same time ( burn fat, build lean muscle tone, improve your overall fitness etc ), but also
  3. learn to EDUCATE yourself  (as opposed to blindly following stereotypes) on the RIGHT techniques and skills to train your body functionally, efficiently and productively.
Ultimately, it boils down to What You Know rather than what you have that makes the difference to your fitness results.

Home fitness works - as countless devotees can attest to it.

And as for the detractors who love citing the lack of equipment as the Achilles Heel of any home fitness program, my advice is this:

"Exercise science has come a long way since its inception, and with the benefit of the latest scientific training knowledge and skills , even body-weight training and environmental workouts can bring about EXCELLENT results to anyone - as long as you are equipped with the RIGHT body of knowledge and skills! Furthermore, with the easy availability of portable/mobile functional fitness tools, what's stopping one from using them to complement and enhance your home fitness workouts???"

A Portable Pull-Up Bar For Pull-Ups Anywhere At Home

In a nutshell, home fitness training is a great and workable option for those of us who are sick and tired of the issues plaguing our commercial gyms today, and for those of us who simply crave for a unique training experience that affords privacy, convenience and time-&-cost savings to its users.

For a first-hand, refreshing experience of how a home fitness program can be used to help you achieve your fitness goals, contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation!

Till then, All the BEST!

Rick Wong
Singapore Fitness Professional & Exercise Specialist

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