Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Art Of Gym-Less Fitness Training

In the years spanning over a decade as a fitness professional in Singapore, I've come across countless individuals who always seem to complain that their fitness regimes are disrupted whenever they have to travel abroad or when they can't make it to the gym for one reason or another. Whatever it is, there is always some reason, somehow, out there (or should we call them, excuses???) that prevents them from working-out.

Ironically, in my opinion, most of these people could have easily maintained their fitness regimes without much ado and fuss - if and only if - they have first bothered to educate themselves on the basics behind gym-less or gym-free training.

With knowledge on how to train Gym-Free, one can basically ELIMINATE almost all excuses for NOT exercising or sticking to one's fitness program.......

To put it another way - if you have learnt the principles behind gym-less training, you could practically choose to work-out anywhere - and by Anywhere, I really mean ANYWHERE - from your hotel room to your private balcony to your storeroom and even in any 3m-by-3m empty floor space!!

Unbelievable??? Like to know more? Then read on, please.

As a discipline of exercise science, gym-less training basically focuses on 3 main principles:

Creative Utilization Of One's Surrounding Space

Scientific Utilization Of  One's Own Body Weight

- Effective Utilization of Portable/Mobile Fitness Tools

Let's look at each in turn:

1) Creative Utilization Of One's Surrounding Space

Making Use Of Minimal Space For Gym-Less Training

Any empty space - that is roughly  11/2x  to 2x your body height all-around would be more than sufficient for an effective full-body workout.

From moves like Burpees to Vertical Jumps to Side Hops to Push-Ups to Lunges to Planks etc etc, one can almost come up with an unlimited number of exercises that you can perform in that mere area of space.

And note - we're just just talking about a purely empty space here. Just imagine the possibilities if your surrounding space has some simple furniture such as a chairs, tables (indoors) or benches, lamp-posts, beams, trees (outdoors) - then the number of exercises that you could possibly perform increases exponentially!

Anything from Dips, to Decline Push-Ups, to Inverted Shoulder Presses, to Bench Hops, to Incline Rows, to Pull-Ups and more - could be easily executed when you have some of the above "environmental tools" around you.

Frankly, there are simply NO limitations on what and how many exercises you could do as long as you are willing to use your imagination and creativity.

With the gym-free approach, you can be truly UNLEASHED - once and for all - from all the constraints, fluff and pretences of a traditional gym-based program!

2) Scientific Utilization Of One's Own Body-Weight

The Chin-Up - A Great Way To Utilise Gravity & Body Weight

Do you know that your body is the BEST gym that you could own? Probably not, but that's because - like many others before you - you have been totally "brainwashed" by the mainstream fitness media into thinking that you require some "high-tech machines" to help you get into shape.

Well, nothing is further away from the truth - Your Body Is (and will always) Be The SINGLE, MOST IMPORTANT Piece Of Equipment And Fitness Tool That You Will Ever Need - period .

And if you truly MASTER your body and its movements, you would NEVER EVER have to worry about missing a workout ever again.

It's indeed ironic how our modern fitness culture constantly ushers people into gyms without first teaching them how to master their own body weight and natural movements first!!!!

Always Remember: the first rule of fitness is this - Learn To MASTER Your Own Body Weight First - before even thinking of adding any external resistance! By doing so, you would have guaranteed yourself a solid foundation from which all other future fitness gains and progress can be built upon.

Incidentally, using one's body-weight in a fitness program means more than just doing exercises that tap upon natural gravity. It also means using the Human Body as an integrated unit and working it through its natural bio-mechanical and neural pathways, transversing multiple directions and multiple planes - something that is very hard to achieve with a traditional in-gym approach.

Using the gym-free approach, you can basically learn how to manipulate and utilize your own body-weight to sculpt, tone, condition and practically do anything - fitness-wise - to hone your body to its fullest potential!

3) Effective Utilization of Portable/Mobile Fitness Tools

The Kettlebell Is A Fantastic Mobile Tool For Your Fitness Workouts
As good as body-weight training is, it can be made even better by adding some portable and mobile tools to your training arsenal. And by portable, we really mean something that you can carry along in a back-pack, a sling-bag or at the very most, a heavy-duty luggage carrier.

So, portable and functional stuff like suspension trainers, resistance bands/tubingsinflatable exercise balls, skipping ropes, ab wheels, and even individual pieces of kettlebells, medicine balls and adjustable dumbbells.

All these can form a formidable list of portable and functional tools that you can lug along with you wherever you go - for that workout in the midst of nowhere.

And once you have learnt the various exercises and movements that you can do with the above tools, it would really make you wonder why you have even bothered signing-up with Take-My-Cash Mega Gym in the first place!!

Simply put - mobile fitness tools will add an extra dimension to your gym-free training program and provide you with endless possibilities in your fitness program.

Well, there you have it. All the various factors that make gym-less fitness such an appealing and practical option to a growing number of "enlightened" converts.

Take for example, a convert like myself - who spends over 80% of my own training regime OUTSIDE a gym context  (the reason I still have that < 20% time in the gym boils down to my own indulgence for occasional HEAVY lifting - using Olympic-type plates and weights, and maybe, just maybe, that inner need to satisfy my urge to have a chuckle at those still working out on machines :))) - Gymless Training WORKS for me - BIG TIME.

And going by the experiences and feedback from my clients over the years, I'm pretty sure that Gym-Free Training will also work for you in a GREAT way - perhaps more than what you can ever believe - until you try it first-hand for yourself.

Convinced and ready to be a convert? Then skip over to my Singapore Gym-Free Fitness Services today and see how I can help you to be the VERY BEST that you can be - absolutely NO gym needed.

Take care and God Bless!

Rick Wong
Singapore Fitness Professional & Exercise Specialist

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