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What Does Core Training Mean To You?

To me, the Human Core has always been one of the most fascinating and intriguing areas of study in exercise science. And despite having been involved in the fitness industry here in Singapore for well over a decade, I still find the subject of Core Training or Core Fitness wildly exciting and pretty amazing.  The Kettlebell Swing - A Great All-Round Core Exercise As a fitness professional , I have been privileged to been exposed to the many different concepts, interpretations and understandings of what constitutes the Human Core and the varied types of training modalities associated with that area. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge is  NOT readily available to most of the general population - at least not here in Singapore - based on the numerous misconceptions , fallacies  and erroneous training methods that I encounter frequently among members of the general public and the gym-going majority. It just seems that every other person that I come across is either mi