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In Defence Of Singapore's IPPT And NAPFA Fitness Tests

All home-bred, true-blue Singaporean male citizens who are serving or have served NS (National Service) as well as students (both current and former) of the Singapore Schools System would no doubt be very familiar with the IPPT and/or the NAPFA tests - both of which are mainstream occurrences in our military/uniformed and school institutions here in Singapore respectively. Back in those days when there were hardly any physical fitness conditioning courses or formal fitness services around to turn to, these tests were often the bane of students and servicemen from one end of Singapore to another. However, before we proceed any further, for the sake of those readers who may find these terms vague or unfamiliar, allow me to just elaborate a bit.   The IPPT actually refers to the Individual Physical Proficiency Test - which is a battery of fitness test stations used for gauging the fitness levels of our National Servicemen, Regulars and other uniformed organisations (eg. Civil

Gymless Training: The Way To TOTAL Fitness!

Hi folks, Rick here again - your friendly fitness blogger and fitness pro from Singapore . For this particular blog post, I like to look at the concept of  TOTAL FITNESS - a notion that has often been mis-understood, mis-represented and even totally abused by some segments of the fitness populace (and to my knowledge, even some members from the professional fitness fraternity!) To clarify once and for all, , FITNESS - in its totality , refers to  NOT just 1, 2 or some of the components of fitness, but rather to ALL , and EACH and EVERY  component of fitness, from: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, power, coordination to even body composition. Thus, if somebody were to say he/she is 'FIT" - then it should be taken to mean that he/she has achieved mastery or excellence in   each and every of the above-mentioned categories, since fitness encompasses all that and more! Stair-Running: a great way to b

Outdoor Locations For Body-Weight Resistance Training

Call me bias - but when it comes to gym-free fitness training here in Singapore - I'm all for an OUTDOORS approach !!! Why? Well, firstly, Singapore has a pleasant all-year-round tropical climate that supports not only outdoor fitness training , but also all other outdoor physical and recreational activities. And also, with the slew of outdoor public parks, playgrounds and fitness corners scattered all over the island, I feel that it's an absolute waste not to utilize these facilities to the max. And finally, I personally feel that nothing comes quite close to the feeling of sheer joy and freedom of working-out in the Great Outdoors while basking in the bright sunshine and breathing in the crisp, fresh air! Frankly, over the years, though I've trained clients in almost any imaginable place: from home gyms to living-rooms, from garages to basements, and even attics and store closets (seriously!!!), NOTHING ever comes close to that feeling of pure exhilaration

Gym-Free Training And Fitness Progress

Hi, Rick Wong here again, blogging to you from the Island Republic of Singapore. As a Fitness Pro and strong advocate of gym-free fitness , I've always been asked this question: " How do you help your clients make progress in their training or fitness without access to a gym ???" Bodyweight Training On Parallel Bars Ahh......interesting question, isn't it? Well, first and foremost, the people who ask this question usually make a very basic assumption: That progress in all training is largely dependent on INCREASING  resistance ( i.e. in the form of poundage or weight ). That's why they assume that we need a GYM - where there is constant access to resistance in the form of selectorized weights, plates or dumbbells. Well, they're only HALF-RIGHT - no doubt fitness progress can be achieved by adding resistance to a training program - but that's only ONE out of the many, many components or variables that can be manipulated to bring about fi

Why Gymless Fitness?

Hi, this is Rick Wong here - blogging to you " live" on fitness - the GYMLESS way - all the way from Singapore..... Why GYMLESS, you may ask??? What's WRONG with working out in the gym??? Well, first and foremost, because you already have the very BEST gym available to you  - your OWN BODY - at your service and command 24 hours-a-day, whenever and wherever you need it! Why not use it as it is ???? Why waste it by going to the gym and work-out using ' artificial machines' - which are far less efficient, less productive and less functional anyway? Too many of us have been simply BRAINWASHED by the media and fitness industry at large - particularly by gym owners and fitness equipment manufacturers - into thinking that we all need access to sophisticated, eye-catching, high-tech, 'machines' to get into shape. Well, nothing is further away from the TRUTH ......... Let me share with you something - as a Fitness Pro who has the privilege of working