Thursday, November 10, 2011

Outdoor Locations For Body-Weight Resistance Training

Call me bias - but when it comes to gym-free fitness training here in Singapore - I'm all for an OUTDOORS approach !!!


Well, firstly, Singapore has a pleasant all-year-round tropical climate that supports not only outdoor fitness training, but also all other outdoor physical and recreational activities.

And also, with the slew of outdoor public parks, playgrounds and fitness corners scattered all over the island, I feel that it's an absolute waste not to utilize these facilities to the max.

And finally, I personally feel that nothing comes quite close to the feeling of sheer joy and freedom of working-out in the Great Outdoors while basking in the bright sunshine and breathing in the crisp, fresh air!

Frankly, over the years, though I've trained clients in almost any imaginable place: from home gyms to living-rooms, from garages to basements, and even attics and store closets (seriously!!!), NOTHING ever comes close to that feeling of pure exhilaration that comes from working-out outdoors.....

So, my advice to most people is: if you have been training indoors - up to now - do go ahead and give the outdoor approach a try. Who knows, you may even become a CONVERT and never want to return to indoor training again!!

Incidentally, I'm also often asked: where and what would make a suitable location for an outdoor body weight resistance-cum-strengthening routine?

Well, the answer is simple.

Basically anywhere that gives you access to the following:

1) Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar ( High Bar)
- for your wide-grip pull-ups, under-grip chin-ups, hanging knee raises etc....

Photo Of A Pull-Up Bar

2) Low Bar
- for your incline push-bars, inverted rows etc ....

Photo Of A Low Bar Structure

3) Parallel Bars
- for your dips, fixed bar triceps extensions, vertical leg raises etc .....

Photo Of Parallel Bars

4) Benches
- for your step-ups, step-downs, inverted shoulder presses, bench hops etc ....

Photo Of A Playground Bench

5) Swings
- for your jack knifes, plank, supported crunch and other stability movements etc ....

Photo Of A Playground Swing

6) Ropes
- for all your rope-climbing movements and exercises.

Photo Of A Rope Climbing Station

And if you're like me - living in Singapore - then most, if not all of the above equipment, can be found quite easily at your nearest public playground, park or fitness corner.

Of course, you may not find ALL of the above tools congregated at one fixed location, but chances are, you'll find at least 3-4 of them located within the same vicinity.

As for the rest, you may just have to improvise or substitute with other similar existing exercises or movements.

So there you have it - all the tools required for a great body-weight resistance workout - totally GYM-FREE!!

So, NO more excuses now, just get OUT there and DO it!!!

Rick Wong
Your Neighbourhood Fitness Pro

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