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NOT Your Typical Singapore Fitness Trainer

Whenever I tell people that I'm a professional fitness trainer here in Singapore, what usually come to their minds and their  basic assumptions would be: 1) I must be one of those - huge, bulky and heavily-muscled trainers - out there, 2) I must be working in a typical commercial gym setting, 3) I must be training my clients using conventional gym machines and other latest 'hi-tech' gadgets, 4) I must be utilizing a "body-part" system or "body-building" philosophy in coaching my clients, and 5) I must be selling health supplements on the side to supplement my income (pardon me for the pun) ..... etc etc Well, in truth and in reality, NONE of the above really describes me ........ You see, to be quite honest, I'm actually quite the antithesis of most of the fitness trainers or coaches you would find here in Singapore. Although I have to state emphatically that I did not intentionally set myself out to be unconventional or different,