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The Essence Of Environmental Fitness

To most people, the concept of Environmental Fitness is something relatively new and unfamiliar. However, in its essence, it simply means: programming and structuring a fitness workout in your immediate environment: one that is ultimately familiar , convenient and accessible to you. And to most of us living here in Singapore, such an environment can be anything and anywhere : from our own homes to an outdoor park, from a nearby children's playground to even a public car park. Let's look in detail some of the more common locations for environmental fitness training, and the types of tools/props available in these environments that could be utilized for a great workout! A) Home Workouts ANY space in your home - sitting/dining area, bedroom, balcony, garage, backyard, etc - could be effectively and creatively used to give you an effective workout. Add to that: common-place furniture such as chairs , tables , stools , bed frames etc to every-day household fu