Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gymless Training: The Way To TOTAL Fitness!

Hi folks, Rick here again - your friendly fitness blogger and fitness pro from Singapore.

For this particular blog post, I like to look at the concept of TOTAL FITNESS - a notion that has often been mis-understood, mis-represented and even totally abused by some segments of the fitness populace (and to my knowledge, even some members from the professional fitness fraternity!)

To clarify once and for all, , FITNESS - in its totality, refers to NOT just 1, 2 or some of the components of fitness, but rather to ALL, and EACH and EVERY component of fitness, from: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, power, coordination to even body composition.

Thus, if somebody were to say he/she is 'FIT" - then it should be taken to mean that he/she has achieved mastery or excellence in each and every of the above-mentioned categories, since fitness encompasses all that and more!

Stair-Running: a great way to build speed, agility and cardiovascular endurance.

However, in truth, we know that when most people talk about fitness, they simply do NOT have this all-encompassing Totality - or TOTAL Fitness - in mind.

To them, fitness is often understood only in the context of their own choice of sport or according to their own bias definition or interpretation, and hence, extremely limited, arbitrary and contained in nature.

Take for example the following: ask a long-distance runner what fitness is - and his answer to that is usually just cardiovascular efficiency. Ask the same question to a weightlifter in the gym - and his understanding of fitness means muscular strength or power. Ask any yoga-practitioner what fitness is - and the reply is often flexibility and balance....and the list goes on and on.

And the best thing is, if you ask all of them if they think they are "FIT" or know what fitness is, (surprise! surprise!) almost every single one of them would unanimously claim that they DO - with no doubts whatsoever!!!!

Thus, this only shows that :

Depending on who you ask, and under what conditions you ask, fitness often means completely DIFFERENT things to different people!!!

However, as we all know - from a scientific point of view, there can only be ONE true definition of fitness - the one we - and other fitness authorities - have often mentioned, agreed upon and as seen earlier above.

And unfortunately, in line with this oft-misunderstood notion of fitness, too many people - unknowingly - are also in engaged in fitness pursuits that do NOT yield the benefits of total fitness for them.

For example, somebody who just 'jogs for fitness' will NEVER ever develop fitness components like muscular strength, power, balance or even agility....

Likewise, someone who just 'lifts heavy weights at low reps for fitness' - will hardly develop any cardiovascular efficiency, muscular endurance, flexibility, agility or balance.....

Likewise, anyone else who 'just' swims, skips or practices Yoga/Pilates or any other sport exclusively .... will also never attain COMPLETE fitness.

The lesson is this: if you want to achieve TRUE Fitness - where each and every component of fitness is catered for - then you need to approach your fitness training also in a totally unique and different way!

That's where Gym-Free Training or Gym-less Fitness comes in.

With gym-free training, first and foremost, you are SET FREE from the very confines of the gym, its out-dated ideologies and its whole slew of redundant machines and equipment.

Next, you are UN-SHACKLED from years of pre-conceived notions of fitness, as well as other misconceptions, misrepresentations and biases that have been fed to you wholesale by the Media and the various powers-to-be in the fitness industry whose agendas are often based on monetary profits and financial gains.

And finally, instead of basing your training on just one fixed approach that severely limits your fitness development, the Gym-Free Approach - with its ECLECTIC, ALL-ENCOMPASSING approach that uses an amalgamation of the BEST modes of fitness approaches: from body-weight training to athletic sport drills, from functional movements to strong-man events, from endurance drills to even gymnastic movements -  will help to develop each and every component of your fitness.

Medicine Ball Drills: another great way to build TOTAL fitness!

The end result - a body that not only LOOKS GOOD and NATURAL, but also delivers CROSS-OVER benefits to your daily activities and other physical pursuits!

And the best of all, with the gym-free approach, you will finally belong to the RARE few in society who truly understands and embraces the real meaning of TOTAL fitness.

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