My Fitness Philosophy

In a nutshell, Fitness to me has to embrace the following 4 fundamentals: 1) Functional, 2) Integrated, 3) Holistic and 4) Mobile.

My concept of functional fitness means: training the Human Body to deal with everyday, real world demands, experiences and challenges. This encompasses teaching the body to move along its natural pathways as Nature intends it too; and programming exercises and drills to have a high degree of transferability in our daily lives.

As for fitness being integrated in nature, the concept behind it is to build all-round, balanced fitness across the various disciplines. This mean NOT favouring or focusing on any one or particular fitness element or component, but rather, adopting an all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary approach where each and every fitness aspect is equally addressed.

Fitness has also to be holistic in nature, where ALL the vital components of one's dietary habits, lifestyle practices, emotional state, exercise programming and mindset - have to be addressed, evaluated and optimized in order for results to be forthcoming.

Finally, a fitness program has to be flexible and mobile in order to succeed: it must be fluid and versatile enough to be carried out - anywhere - in ANY environment - with or without equipment. This notion of portability and mobility, will not only - once and for all - remove our dependence on any one particular fitness tool, equipment or environment, but also, eliminate all our excuses for NOT being able to exercise.

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