Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Gymless Fitness?

Hi, this is Rick Wong here - blogging to you "live" on fitness - the GYMLESS way - all the way from Singapore.....

Why GYMLESS, you may ask??? What's WRONG with working out in the gym???

Well, first and foremost, because you already have the very BEST gym available to you  - your OWN BODY - at your service and command 24 hours-a-day, whenever and wherever you need it!

Why not use it as it is ????

Why waste it by going to the gym and work-out using 'artificial machines' - which are far less efficient, less productive and less functional anyway?

Too many of us have been simply BRAINWASHED by the media and fitness industry at large - particularly by gym owners and fitness equipment manufacturers - into thinking that we all need access to sophisticated, eye-catching, high-tech, 'machines' to get into shape.

Well, nothing is further away from the TRUTH .........

Let me share with you something - as a Fitness Pro who has the privilege of working with countless clients spanning over a period of 12-plus years here in the Singapore, I can safely say that the majority of fitness enthusiasts and exercisers would be MUCH BETTER OFF working outside a gym than in it.

Pause for a moment and think about it rationally. Unless you're a:

1) serious bodybuilder/weightlifter/powerlifter, or
2) involved in high performance sports, or
3) undergoing some form of specific injury rehabilitation,

Why On Earth Would You Need To Use All Those FANCIFUL and often UNNECESSARY stuff found cluttering our 'Mega' gyms nowadays????

For the vast majority of fitness enthusiasts (possibly accounting for over 90% of all people involved in fitness today), who have goals such as the following:

- general muscle-toning/shaping,
- weight loss/fat loss
- building general strength and fitness,
- improving flexibility and agility, or
- increasing one's daily physical efficiency etc,

 .... simply do NOT need a gym membership to GET IN SHAPE!!!

In fact, using one's own body weight, together with the creative use of one's surroundings (think outdoors, slopes, benches, stairs, floor space etc) and complemented by functional or portable fitness tools (think medicine balls, tubings/bands, suspension trainers, kettlebells etc), one can achieve AWESOME shape and SUPERB fitness without even stepping into a gym.

In fact, that's how many enlightened individuals, "old-timers" and those belonging to the "old-school" or "minimalistic" school of thought, train over the ages and still continue to train today - with many exhibiting BETTER bodies and BETTER overall conditioning and fitness - than those training exclusively on machines and in gyms!!

At this point, let me make myself clear : I'm in NO way saying that gyms have absolutely no place in our society.

They DO - but mainly only for those specific groups of individuals mentioned above!

Even I, myself, have to admit using the gym occasionally (to maintain muscle mass) - though in truth, it forms no more than 10% -15% of my total workout volume - and even then , I usually just focus on using the FREE WEIGHTS AREA (dumbbells and barbells) - instead of the 'machines'.

In fact - give me outdoors - at a playground, track or fitness corner - ANYTIME - and almost ten times out of ten times, I would get an AWESOME workout without fail! 

Hopefully, by now, the rest of you can see why a GYM-FREE approach is really the BEST and the most PRACTICAL choice for the majority of us.

Do come back here often and allow me to share with you more tips and strategies on training and working-out - the GYMLESS way!

Rick Wong
Fitness Professional

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